Gruber Exportconsulting

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Cutting your costs is our business
Edward Gruber Exportconsulting
Speciality and Know-How

  • Spare parts "KHD" - Deutz Marine Engine

  • Aerosol cans

  • Hydraulic forklift - Clark - and belonging spare parts

  • Items of Klöckner Moeller, for example switchgear & circuit breakers

  • Battery engine trucks, i.e. electric platform truck

  • Industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Generator Set, in particular a small, compact generating set with an output of 2 kVA for the universal use in the private handicraft scope.

Gruber, Exportconsulting
POB 4028
D-50216 Frechen

Gruber, Exportconsulting
Dürerstraße 58
D-50226 Frechen

Telefon +49-02234-600996

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